Training Exercises for More Speed

Rypstick Club Head Speed

Training Exercises for More Speed For over three years, the Ryp Golf team has been researching overspeed and overload training. Last year, they launched their newest product, the Rypstick; when we heard about the results they were getting by combining their training programs and Rypstick, we had to go check it out. Starting with an […]

SuperSpeed C: Eye Opening New Training For Faster Swing Speed

SuperSpeed Golf

Over the past few years, SuperSpeed has become one of the most used training aids on the PGA Tour, with the over speed training aid frequently seen sticking out of the top of tour player’s bags. The original idea of SuperSpeed is to increase club-speed and allow the golf to hit the golf ball further. 

Six Things Any Golfer Can Learn From the LARGEST Study of the Golf Swing in Golf


Today we sit down with Nick Clearwater, the VP of Golf Instruction for Golftec to talk about the biggest data study in the history of golf. Essentially, Golftec has collected data from all 205 of their Golftec’s locations to figure out how golfers move throughout their swings, and what movements the best players possess.

John Tillery: How to Approach Swing Changes

john tillery

Learn from top instructor John Tillery as we talk about his work with players on the PGA tour like Kevin Kisner, Scott Brown, and others. He shares how he approaches swing changes and what we all can add into our practice to help them stick.

Details of 2 PGA Tour Pros Making Swing Changes

What do pros work on in their golf swing?  I’ve noticed some themes when hearing from tour pros lately on the most important things they work on.  It’s not the super complex or the out or reach for us average golfers. 

How to Speed up Technical Swing Changes

Learn some of the tactics and techniques that can help you increase the speed of your swing changes. Zach Parker takes us through some examples of how he’s helping players drastically reduce the time it takes for swing changes to transfer to the golf course.