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We’re on a mission to figure out how to improve the way we learn and get better at golf. Join host Cordie Walker talking with leaders in the industry… From instructors to researchers to golfers themselves.

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Research + Insights into Swing Thoughts w/ Dr Noel Rousseau

We sit down with golf coach and researcher, Noel Rousseau to talk about his study and approach to improving our …
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Keys to Effective Swing Thoughts

From 30 handicap to tour pro we all have swing thoughts while we swing the golf club. On this podcast …
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David Ogrin: How to play 500+ PGA Tour tournaments

How do you create a great environment for a junior golfer to grow and develop into a PGA Tour player? …
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The Number 1 Mistake Every Golfer Makes (at least once)

This is one of those things that everyone one of us have done at some point… And it’s OK but …
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Willy Wilcox: Hooters Tour to the PGA Tour

Will Wilcox has spent 11 years as a pro and we hear what’s worked and what hasn’t along his journey. …

How to effectively make a Golf Swing Technique Change

In this coaching insight, Mark Blackburn talks about his approach towards getting buy in from students how to make swing …
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Practical Guide to Course Management (3 Day Training)

We’re joined by coach Will Robins as he walks us through core mindsets, concepts, and then homework to improve our …

Tony Ruggiero takes us on tour

Go behind the scenes of golf instruction at the highest level with Tony Ruggiero as he talks with players, fellow instructors, and members of his team.

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Changing the way golf is taught and learned with researched based education.