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how to stop 3 putting

2 logical methods to STOP 3 PUTTS

We look at a few strategies and drills to help you stop 3 putting and get on the path to …
Motor Learning, Podcast

Biggest “Practice Secret” holding you back from drastically lower scores

Why can’t you breakthrough the scoring plateau you’ve been stuck at year after year? There’s one key shift to make …
Motor Learning, Podcast

How take your game from the range to the course

After hours of practice and years of work why hasn’t your handicap dropped to the level you really want it …
Motor Learning, Podcast

Why Your Golf Swing Technique Change Doesn’t Stick!

You work on your swing for hours on the range. Hitting ball after ball and finally it feels like you …
canadian golf
Coaching, Podcast

Derek Ingram: Why Canada has more players than ever on the PGA Tour

We sit down with Derek Ingram, the head coach of the national amateur and Young Pro Teams for Golf Canada. …
Sense Golf Grips
Club Tech, Podcast

GEAR INSIDER: Square Putter Grip?!

We talk with the founder of Sense Golf Grips, Andrew Chung and discuss the square and rectangle putter grip. Learn …
bernie najar
Coaching, Podcast

Bernie Najar: How Kyle Berkshire developed 150+ mph of clubhead speed

We talk with 2019 World Long Drive Champion, Kyle Berkshire’s longtime golf instructor (for over 10 years), Bernie Najar. In …

Tony Ruggiero takes us on tour

Go behind the scenes of golf instruction at the highest level with Tony Ruggiero as he talks with players, fellow instructors, and members of his team.

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