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When to use Block Practice vs Random Practice

Have you heard of the block vs random practice debate before? The basic question being if you should practice the same thing over and over again or add some kind of variability (randomness) between each task. In today’s research rundown we look at some info from Dr Mark Guadagnoli, a

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How tightly should you grip a club anyway?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself if you’re gripping the club too tightly or maybe not tightly enough. This study from past GSL contributor Liam Mucklow has some great practical info! The Study: The Results: The data yielded two main findings: But the real insight came when examining individual golfers. The

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Tony Ruggiero takes us on tour.

Go behind the scenes of golf instruction at the highest level with Tony Ruggiero as he talks with players, fellow instructors, and members of his team.