Cube Range Finder Review

Check out the new CUBE Range Finder with its unique caddy mode, opening up some unique ways to strategize around the golf course.

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I like finding golf gear that’s different.

Completely out of the box from what you might see.

Or should we say out of the CUBE?  Or maybe into the CUBE.


This new range finder called my name just because it’s difference and had a couple features that could give a real advantage.

cube range finder review

Caddy Mode: Measure two points and it’ll tell you the difference between them.

Here’s the obvious use cases – Blind shot and you need to figure out distance from ball to flag or if it’s cart path only and you want to figure out the distance without taking 4 clubs over to the ball with you.

Here’s how I’ve started to use this and open up some new ideas.

Layups and approach play.  You can easily figure out exactly

Width of greens for approach play.  I’ve found this useful to find the ideal aim spot.  I can easily find the middle of the green by measuring two points on either side of the green and make sure I’m aiming for the middle.

Rarely am I aiming at pins and looking to find the largest part of the green which gives me the best chance of getting a putt.

You can also shoot the flag and something like the front bunker to figure out how much space you have.  Again we’re always looking for the widest space to maximize our chance of getting the ball anywhere on the green.

Width of drive.  I love ripping driver every hole I can BUT you always have to make sure you have at least 60-70 yards between hazards.  Now I can easily look at width between hazards and trees to figure out exactly where I want to be aimed.

cube range finder display

E-SLOPE: (Environmental Slope)

100% accurate results & recommendations taking into consideration the environmental conditions such as temperature, altitude, and humidity

Also integrates magic slope in E-slope mode.


  • USB-C port and cable for convenient recharging
  • Full charge allows up to approx. 10,000 actuations.
  • IP55 Water Resistance protects laser from water and dust
  • Includes CUBE hard case

Check out all the info on the CUBE by Caddytalk range finder (use coupon code GOLFSCIENCELAB15)