When to use Block Practice vs Random Practice

quiet eye putting

Have you heard of the block vs random practice debate before? The basic question being if you should practice the same thing over and over again or add some kind of variability (randomness) between each task. In today’s research rundown we look at some info from Dr Mark Guadagnoli, a professor of neuroscience and neurology […]

How tightly should you grip a club anyway?

Golf grip

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself if you’re gripping the club too tightly or maybe not tightly enough. This study from past GSL contributor Liam Mucklow has some great practical info! The Study: The Results: The data yielded two main findings: But the real insight came when examining individual golfers. The high handicap group had significantly […]

Cube Range Finder Review

Check out the new CUBE Range Finder with its unique caddy mode, opening up some unique ways to strategize around the golf course.

How much distance do you loose from water on golf balls?

The guys at Ping have a great study that some real insight on the impact of water on golf balls. I’m paying attention to this data and writing it down for the next time I have to tee it up in the rain or on a wet golf course. Breakdown of the Study: The Results:  […]

Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO – Practical Indoor set up

Check out pricing and info here 🔥 https://bit.ly/rapsodomlm2pro In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the new Rapsodo MLM 2 PRO golf launch monitor. This device is perfect for indoor use, and comes with a lot of features that make it a great choice for golfers. We’ll be giving you our first impressions […]

🔬 Research Rundown: Worn Grips vs. New Grips

Golfers, we can be a curious lot. We’ll pay $400-$500 to buy a new driver but won’t pay a fourth of that to have new grips put on our existing clubs. Think about it. The only contact our body makes with the club is the hands on the grip. Summertime is coming and for most […]

Improve Your Ball Striking

Better Ball Striking

Improve Your Ball Striking (Week 3) Welcome back to the third episode of GSL Podcast about Becoming a Better Ball Striker.  This week, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Trillium Rose. Trillium is the Director of Instruction at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland. Her list of awards and accolades as an instructor […]

Training Exercises for More Speed

Rypstick Club Head Speed

Training Exercises for More Speed For over three years, the Ryp Golf team has been researching overspeed and overload training. Last year, they launched their newest product, the Rypstick; when we heard about the results they were getting by combining their training programs and Rypstick, we had to go check it out. Starting with an […]