4 things I’ve learned from getting a new indoor putting mat

Wellputt putting mat

If you struggle with putting and never can find the practice it’s probably time you get a putting green you can use at home so you can dial in your stroke and speed control.

1- Distance control has been the biggest improvement!

Wasn’t expecting this from indoor putting practice but it’s easy to practice and the gains are noticeable.

Spent tons of time playing games of stopping the ball on specific targets and playing games against friends when they pop by to hang out.

2 – Having a game is essential vs just mindless putting.

Being able to have different targets and visuals is a GAME CHANGER.

3/4 – Understanding distances is really useful.

Knowing what a 10 footer vs 6 footer is matters because expectations drastically change.

4/4 – Changing aim. and going from side-by-side a huge deal.

Love that it’s not just always hitting putts right down the middle and I can visually change the look of the put.

This keeps me out of mind numbing useless practice and keeps each shot looking and feeling different.

Wellputt is the brand of what I’ve been using lately.

Here’s a discount you all can use to get a better deal 👉 AFF15_GSLAB