Inside Look at Elite Long Drive Training Team (behind the scenes tactics and training)

Get a look into the unique mindsets and tactics used by some of the best long drive competitors out there. We talk about everything from optimal equipment, technique, and training methods with Bobby Petterson and Ryan Reisbeck.


Advice for hitting it farther from Bobby Petterson

1 – I find that most average golfers are playing too stiff of a shaft.

2 – There’s no reason in the world that you can’t get a little longer club if, especially if you’re a little older, move up to a 46 inch club, get away from those 44 or 45 inch drivers. The USDA allows you to go to 48 inches so there’s no difference than hitting a three iron and six iron.

3 – Don’t be afraid in your practice to hit 8 ball sets as hard as you can hit them. And eventually when you hit them as hard as you can and they’re going straight that can transfer over to your average ball speed on the course.

4 – Orange whip is a great training aid that I really love.

5 – You have to get a training program that works with your schedule that will allow you to have some consistency in your training.

“So many golfers have had lessons where everything’s about control, control, control. Look when you’re done hitting your driver in practice take 8 balls and hit them as hard as you can and then go home.

It’s like anything else… If you don’t try to sprint, you’re not going to run fast. You can’t walk yourself into being fast.

That’s all there is to it.

Straining is good for you. It’s no different than lifting weights.

You have to try to lift more than you’re capable of to get stronger.”

Interested in learning more?
Learn more from Bobby and Ryan in their training video DRIVING SMARTER, DRIVING FARTHER

About Ryan Reisbeck

Maybe like you, Professional Long Driver Ryan “The Big Deal” Reisbeck didn’t hit a single golf ball as a child. He actually didn’t start competing in long drive until his 30s. Perhaps also like you, after hitting that first passable drive on the range, he was hooked.

Though he had developed his athleticism as a former baseball pitcher at the University of Utah, Ryan knew very little about golf or long drive when he started competing in 2010.  Now, after competing in seven World Long Drive Championships and earning 14 first-place finishes on the World Long Drive tour, he’s learned way more than a few good “golf tips.”

How do you get your ball to travel massive distances while maintaining accuracy? What do you need to change to hit faster balls? How do you reach tremendous club head speeds? Just six years after he entered his first competition, while working with Bobby Peterson and applying the systems and techniques in Driving Smarter, Driving Farther, Ryan answered these questions and won his first Long Drive competition.

Ryan’s longest drive in competition traveled an astonishing 485 yards in 2017, the same year he was ranked #1 in World Long Drive. Along with being one of golf’s most powerful drivers, he is also a perpetual student of the swing. But he’s not just in it for the win. Ryan wants to share his passion for the sport so you’re able to experience the same joy of hitting your longest drive. Enroll today and start learning what it took him years and tens of thousands of drives to refine.

About Bobby Peterson

There are passionate golf instructors and then there is Bobby Peterson. When it comes to hitting the driver, Bobby can teach you anythingyou’d ever want to know. From the physics of ball flight to every meticulous detail of technique, equipment questions and competition tactics, Bobby has you more than covered.

As a renowned long drive coach, Bobby Peterson has taken numerous athletes to the World Long Drive Championships, has overseen 60 first place wins on the World Long Drive tour and taken three himself. He owns the One Stop Power Shop and is the Team USA long drive captain. Yeah, he lives and breaths long drive.

Looking to lower your golf scores? Start with the first shot you take. Want to feel the elation that comes from driving the ball farther down the range than you ever have? Bobby’s system will give you step-by-step, actionable ways you can drastically improve your drive.

Bobby has been competing in long drive for more than half his life. He got a taste for the sport when he won a small event in his home state of North Carolina in 1992 and he’s been immersed in it ever since. His PR in competition is 412 yards. With 26 years of competing, coaching athletes and fitting drivers, his system of learning the long drive is rooted in battle-earned wisdom. Enroll today and learn the lessons he’s gathered from years of coaching PGA players, serious golfers and professional long drive competitors.