Cube Range Finder Review

Check out the new CUBE Range Finder with its unique caddy mode, opening up some unique ways to strategize around the golf course.

How much distance do you loose from water on golf balls?

The guys at Ping have a great study that some real insight on the impact of water on golf balls. I’m paying attention to this data and writing it down for the next time I have to tee it up in the rain or on a wet golf course. Breakdown of the Study: The Results:  […]

🔬 Research Rundown: Worn Grips vs. New Grips

Golfers, we can be a curious lot. We’ll pay $400-$500 to buy a new driver but won’t pay a fourth of that to have new grips put on our existing clubs. Think about it. The only contact our body makes with the club is the hands on the grip. Summertime is coming and for most […]

WHOOP Strap Review After 3 Months

Learn more and get 15% off with the code GSL – Have a WHOOP? Join the Golf Science Lab WHOOP team! Our team code is COMM-559288 Personally I’ve found my sleep and recovery was simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I couldn’t understand why I consistently felt tired and exhausted after spending the entire today simply […]

GEAR INSIDER: Surprising impact of blade length and accuracy w/ Dr Paul Wood

While fitting someone for a driver has become fairly streamlined, fitting good players for irons and wedges is different process.  It’s not all about watching them hit stock shots on the range and analyzing Track Man data. Today we’re talking with PING’s VP of Engineering, Dr Paul Wood to share what they’re doing to help […]

GEAR INSIDER: Square Putter Grip?!

Sense Golf Grips

We talk with the founder of Sense Golf Grips, Andrew Chung and discuss the square and rectangle putter grip. Learn why the idea works, some of the engineering behind it, and all the details behind this unique putter grip.

Bettinardi talks putter design and myths

We talk with Sam Bettinardi about common putter myths he hears and the truth you need to know. Fantastic look inside Bettinardi’s research and manufacturing behind their putters.