GEAR INSIDER: Square Putter Grip?!

We talk with the founder of Sense Golf Grips, Andrew Chung and discuss the square and rectangle putter grip. Learn why the idea works, some of the engineering behind it, and all the details behind this unique putter grip.

Review and thoughts:

By aligning the square grip with the face of the putter you start to gain a lot of awareness of your target and intended start line. As a result you can get a lot of good awareness during practice and after a putt that goes awry.

“Whether it’s tennis rackets or hockey sticks. They’re all square or rectangular shape. And I felt that golf could use that. And face awareness is one of the key things that I thought was needed. And that’s why our shape is, so predominantly flat on every side.”

The sliding adjustable weight system opens up all kinds of options for creating different feels with the same putter. You can go from feeling the weight of the putter head more dominantly to a more balanced feel. It opens up all kind of experimentation and options

IMPLEMENTATION: I have found the feedback of a chalk line very effective combined with this grip.

Final thoughts… Have yet to find any downsides and it has found its way into my bag.

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