Keys to Effective Swing Thoughts

From 30 handicap to tour pro we all have swing thoughts while we swing the golf club. On this podcast we talk about the different kinds and their impact on your golf game with three fantastic perspectives from Mark Immelman, Noel Rousseau, and Matt Parziale.

Willy Wilcox: Hooters Tour to the PGA Tour

Will Wilcox has spent 11 years as a pro and we hear what’s worked and what hasn’t along his journey. From hitting balls on the range till his hands bleed to earning his PGA Tour card after spending the off season on the island of Saint Croix. This is a good one!

Details of 2 PGA Tour Pros Making Swing Changes

What do pros work on in their golf swing?  I’ve noticed some themes when hearing from tour pros lately on the most important things they work on.  It’s not the super complex or the out or reach for us average golfers. 

Matt Parziale: From Mini tours to The Masters

We sit down with Matt Parziale, 2017 US Mid Am winner to learn how he developed skill, what he learned playing on mini tours for 3 years, and what it was like to play in The Masters and US Open in 2018.