Why WHOOP fitness tracker is being used on tour (and how it can help you)

WHOOP has made a strong appearance on tour with Scott Stallings, Justin Thomas, and Rory McIlroy all wearing it throughout the year. We learn from founder, Will Ahmed exactly what it does and why.

What does the WHOOP tracker do?

It starts with the WHOOP strap 3.0 which is worn on the wrist to track data around heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep which is fed into the WHOOP app (where the magic begins)

WHOOP focuses in on 3 different core metrics; strain, recovery, and sleep.

By balancing your daily recovery, strain and sleep, you will train optimally and unlock the secrets to your body’s true potential.

Recovery – Get personalized daily insight into how ready your body is ready to perform by looking at bio-metrics such as heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and sleep performance.

Strain – For those looking to track more than just steps. Track how strenuous your day is from start to finish and get insight into how much you exert yourself during training.

Sleep – Optimize the way you sleep by getting target sleep times based on how strenuous your day is and your performance goals. Monitor your sleep stages and cycles, time in bed vs actual sleep, sleep efficiency (How much you were asleep while sleeping), and more.

From Cordie:

Personally I’ve found my sleep and recovery was simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I couldn’t understand why I consistently felt tired and exhausted after spending the entire today simply sitting at a desk working working on a computer… Now I know why.

I’ve changed some of my habits to improve my recovery and ultimately help me improve the way I feel and can perform.

WHOOP is the black band Scott is wearing on his wrist.
(Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

From the interview with Will Ahmed

I just had Scott McCarron on the WHOOP podcast and we were talking about his recovery. Scott was saying that when he’s in a tournament, he wants to have a green recovery every day.

He wants his body to be as recovered as possible. He therefore is trying to get as much sleep as possible. He’s trying to go to bed and wake up at the same times.

Sometimes though he may have an extra stressful round or maybe his mind is wandering and he’s feeling the stress of being in the lead. He may wake up on a Sunday in the lead and have a red recovery, signaling that his body’s run down.

And so what Scott will do is he’ll actually change his whole warmup, his whole morning routine based on having a lower recovery.

Scott was saying to me that he’ll actually drive to the course in the morning slower, he’ll focus on breathing lot more, he’ll meditate in the morning for a longer period of time than normal.

And his warm up routine, he’ll actually make much shorter, which is interesting, right? The guys run down, he’s thinking, okay, I want to conserve my energy and I’m not going to warm up as much.

The idea is that by measuring your body, you can manage your actions based on how your body is doing.

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