Matt Parziale: From Mini tours to The Masters
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Matt Parziale: From Mini tours to The Masters

We sit down with Matt Parziale, 2017 US Mid Am winner to learn how he developed skill, what he learned playing on mini tours for 3 years, and what it was like to play in The Masters and US Open in 2018.


On this podcast episode we’re diving into what makes great golfers great. How did they develop skill, what mindsets and tactics are most essential, and try to figure out how they reached the success they have.

On this episode we sitting down with Matt Parziale.

You saw his name recently because he won the 2017 US Mid Am and played in the Masters and then made the cut at the US Open.

We have 3 different acts in this episode. Each of which has some great takeaways.

1 – We’ll talk about his development. How did he “get good” and develop skill as a junior and college player.

2 – Why he didn’t make it on the pro tours and what the move to career and amateur golf was like.

3 – How he made the transition to amateur golf and the practice habits that helped him win the 2017 Us Mid Am.

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