Jason Glass Dynamic Warm Up

Dynamic Warm Up by Jason Glass

Learn from Coach Glass as we go through a dynamic warm up so you can move better, feel better and play better golf?

You need to properly prepare your body for the round of your life! Most of you consider pulling into the parking lot and pulling out your sticks on the way to the 1st tee, a warm up. This is a recipe for a disaster.

Get to the course early, perform the Coach Glass Dynamic Warm Up on the range. Your warm up should be easily repeatable and performed every time you play and practice. Routine breads success.

The Coach Glass Dynamic Warm Up for Golf will:

  • Elevate your body temperature.
  • Maximize muscle length and suppleness.
  • Stimulate your nervous system.
  • Hit all the golf muscles and take your joints through the optimal range of motion required to play your best!
  • Leave you feeling like you already hit a bucket of balls!

Its so easy – all you need is a club and time to do 5 easy warmup moves with 8 set reps each to work out any kinks and sore muscles in your lower body and upper body.


Early Specialization & Plyometrics

We’ll talk about creating better youth development structures and what you need to know about plyometrics in this episode of Yo Jay.

QUESTION #1 – With the “Win Now” culture that parents and coaches have created. What is your approach to educate parents, youth and coaches that hurrying up the process, specialize too early, and games to early are not the best why to develop a child?

This conversation boils down to where are the elite kids going to come from and what is the best plan to develop these kids in place.

Taking a 5 year old (plan for the 13 years of their life – playing as many sports as possible that are a rotational sports i.e. baseball, soccer, tennis)

Its so important for young athletes to get a broad spectrum of sports to learn things like leadership, team building skills, and for most sports you won’t really know what kind of athlete they have the potential to be until they are 15, 16, 17 and 18.

From research that was done they found that putting your child into Marital Arts really was very helpful to learn self-worth, honor, and how to protect themselves. Soccer – is the best team sport to put your child in at a young age. Gymnastics is great as they will learn how to move their body.

QUESTION #2 – What’s one of your favorite plyometric exercises for golfer?

Any kind of plyometric exercise will make your body more explosive. Teach those muscles the game of golf. Sprints, bounding, forward and back bounding – all of those exercises will aid your athlete more.

Rotational Plyometric Exercise – see at the 9:30 min mark.

With the 180 or 360 degree jumps you are bounding, rotating, loading.

With Plyometrics make sure the time from landing and moving into the opposite direction is very quick – taking time in between the landing and take off is NOT plyometrics.

We are training that elastic component of your muscle and that is what plyometrics will do for you.

Productivity & Nutrition

Productivity and Nutrition

We’ll talk about how to be more productive so you can get more done during your day. Techniques and systems to use to keep structure and everything you need to be moving forward.

Get a calendar and make sure you have all of your students and/or employees scheduled out. Make sure to stay organized so you know where each one is at most of the time. Whether they should be practicing for a big tournament or are in their off season.

If you have a lot of students its important to make sure you know where each one is at so they aren’t getting half of what they should be and are getting the right coaching at the right time.

Take 10 mins out first thing in the morning for yourself – whether you are exercising, writing or just drinking a cup of coffee. Take that time to just think about what it is you want and need to accomplish TODAY.

Then make a list one item at a time of everything that you need to accomplish so you can reference it throughout your busy day.


It’s great to impart your own diet on others when – you are eating clean and giving your family that same good nutrition of vegetables, protein (not fried fish sticks or chicken fingers every night for dinner)

You can not let your family dictate your diet. Kids do not have the same knowledge that adults do about their diet and what is best for them and their health.

Don’t take things too far by throwing everything away all at once just because you have decided to choose an extreme diet for the week.

Understanding the “why” Behind Your Golf Swing with Golf Biomechanics Expert Dr Sasho MacKenzie

Dr Sasho MacKenzie, sports biomechanist, has spent years studying why and what takes place in the golf swing.

In this first episode of the Golf Science Lab we’ll talk all about his opinions, research, and what it means for you, the golfer. It’s a candid look into golf biomechanics (Dr MacKenzie’s speciality) and the implications of the research he’s been doing.

Listen to the conversation below and browse the story to view some insights into golf science whatever way you’d like.

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