Weight Training For Rotational Athletes

Learn how to train a rotational athlete (golfers) to have more speed more strength and more power.

Front Squats: Will force your body to stay upright and not strain your spine at the end of your set.

Every athlete needs a layer of foundation

Fix your athlete’s limitation first whether its a mobility or stability issue.

You will learn what Joint Training High Threshold is

Jason walks you through why its so important for any athletes who are rotating their whole body in various movements on a regular basis.

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He walks us through what Hypertrophy is and when it is important for an athlete and when it isn’t.

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Jason Glass is one of the world’s top Golf Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Jason owns and operates Tour Performance Lab and Kinetica Golf Performance in Vancouver BC; specializing in training rotary athletes, biomechanics, physical assessments and functional strength training. Jason is a consultant for many top professional athletes from the PGA Tour, European Tour, Nationwide Tour, LPGA to professional snowboarding. Jason is also the head of the Titleist Performance Institutes Fitness Advisory Board. Learn more about him at