How to TRAIN in the gym like a Tour Pro

Get insights into how Jason Glass works with some of the best players in the world.  It’s an approach to fitness that’s far beyond how much weight to use and deciding if you should lift or not.

In the video we look at an example exercise PGA Tour player Adam Hadwin is doing.

There is so much going on here with his nervous system.

His adductors, abductors firing. The rotational slings. One is becoming a stabilizer the other one is becoming a prime mover and then it becomes a stabilizer a second later. And it reverses and becomes a prime mover again.

The complexity of what’s going on with his nervous system. Just to write down what is actually happening in his body would take a volume.

This kind of movement looks very simple and some might ask, “Hey, where’s the weights, Coach Glass?”  “How much does that bar weigh that he’s holding?

That’s the wrong way to look at this.  He just happens to be holding a bar in this exercise and it could be a golf club or any weight. Yet most people think… “if that’s 50 pounds, what if I gave him 60 pounds? What if I gave him 100 pounds?

It wouldn’t change, it’s about his nervous system.

With this philosophy and this mindset you’re not necessarily picking one thing and only working on the bicep for instance

We’re working on his rotational slings and his ability to stabilize one segment of his body and that becomes an anchor point for the other parts of his body to rotate around. Once he stabilizes each segment, then the next segment can now move. And sometimes those parts that are moving become stable segments a second later.

This is a high-level, high-threshold exercise and it’s high-threshold because it’s involving high levels of the nervous system interacting with his athleticism. Bench press and bicep curls are fine, but they’re not going to help your golf game.

If you want to help your golf game, it should be multi-jointed, multi-plainer, it should look like you’re trying to increase athleticism.

And you should have that look on your face, kind of like Oh… kind of like your nervous system, your brain’s working and your body’s trying to figure out how to move.

If you can be, like, reading text or watching TV while exercising, you’re not training your nervous system.


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