In this coaching insight, Mark Blackburn talks about his approach towards getting buy in from students how to make swing changes more effectively.

When going to a golf lesson do you need to start hitting the ball better right away when making a change?

Initially if you are trying to give anybody any new information and you want adoption so the golfer buy’s in and commits… you have to make a change immediately.

From a coaching standpoint players come with a problem. They rarely come to you when it’s really good, they come to you because they’re struggling and they want to change the outcome.

As a coach you need to be able to manipulate and change ball flight immediately.

The art is to make a quick, immediate adjustments, which change the ball flight. Then you have to be able to back into, the longterm solution for the golfer.

If you can manipulate the face to path relationship, you can manipulate the golf ball.

After getting that immediate change now you can work backwards with the end in mind… whether it’s a a setup adjustment, pivot adjustment, or whatever it may be.

Any coaching intervention should be meaningful and impactful straight away, but with a longterm approach to move from conscious thought towards unconscious.

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