the open 2016
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2 Truths Realized at the 2016 Open at Royal Troon

Walking onto the grounds of any golf tournament is incredible. But walking onto the grounds of a major and on …
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Make More Putts by Using a Pre-shot Routine Including Quiet Eye

Learn how your eyes influence your body and specifically putting. We’ll walk through what you should be doing with your …

Guide to Opti International and How to Train Your Brain

Complete series of interviews and live lesson with Dr Debbie Crews (researcher and founder of Opti) talking about Opti International …
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What We Can Learn From Mental Analytics (a real life case study)

The Biirdie Golf team recently completed its first tournament level mental game analytics experiment at a junior golf tournament and …
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Learning From “WHAT IF” Instruction

What if it was understood that between all the words and actions used during instruction and training there are conditions …
arccos golf
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9 Holes with Arccos Golf and What I Learned

What I learned from one of my first rounds using the Arccos Golf stat tracking and how it all works.
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14 Golf Performance Experts Share Their Best Advice in 25 minutes

We’ve pulled out some amazing clips from the Unlocking Performance Summit so you can get some critical advice to help …
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Does Score Illustrate Learning in Junior Golf?

Do we often forget to disassociate learning with performance in junior golf? Do we often view junior golfers abilities through …
golf visualization

Visualization Hurting Golf Performance?

Recent studies have shown that visualizing right before we perform actually hurts performance. The studies found the most useful place …

What I Learned from a Vision54 Golf School

Recently I had the privilege to hang out during a VISION54 Essential Playing skills golf school and wanted to share …
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6 Things Every Golfer Needs to Know About the Mental Side of Golf

Learn 6 of the critical concepts we’ve discovered from talking with leading experts in the field of golf performance helping …
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What Should Be Going on in Your Brain During Golf with Dr Debbie Crews

In what state do we play our best golf… Should be trying to be left brain, right brain, high, low?!? …
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What You Need to Know About the Unlocking Performance Virtual Summit

Here are a few things you might want to know about our upcoming Unlocking Performance Virtual Summit.
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The Psychological Impacts of Early Specialization with Dr Bhrett McCabe

Learn why most early specializers and junior golfers loose their dominance as they get older and what to do to …
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Effective Strategies for Handling Pressure on the Golf Course with Dr Jon Finn

The golf course can represent a threat to our brains and we need a system to deal with the pressure …