Why Are Pressure Mats and Force Plates so Popular?

We’ve seen pressure mats and force plates take off over the last handful of years and become and essential tool for many golfers and golf instructors. Today we’re talking about what they are and hearing from two companies in the industry.

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You can’t ever tell someone what to feel… [pressure mat feedback] It allows them to feel it in their own way. Liam Mucklow

Pressure Mat and Force Plate Companies:

Swing Catalyst: Producer of pressure plate and force plate, Swing Catalyst is used by a lot of top coaches and has become a mainstay in academies all over the world.

The Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate is our flagship swing analysis system, already used by many of the best coaches in the world. Not only can you study detailed foot pressure data and CoP patterns, the 3D Motion Plate also provides horizontal and vertical force measurements. From this we measure the amount of torque- and ground reaction forces generated during a golf swing.

Boditrak: A great portable tool, Boditrak can been seen on ranges at tour events, golf instructors studios, and fitness pros gyms. A versatile tool with a great advisory board and coaches using it, definitely something to look into.

Their level 1 certification taught by Mark Blackburn and Dr Sasho MacKenzie is an INCREDIBLE education tool and something that we can highly recommend.

Smart2Move: A new company in the space, Smart2Move is offering portable pressure plates and insoles that a student could use for training on their own. Great idea and hope to see more devices for students to use in their own training!

SAM BalanceLab: The same company that produces the SAM PuttLab also produces a pressure plate. SAM BalanceLab is an ultra-high resolution pressure plate to evaluate balance and weight transfer during a golf swing.

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John Thorp – Boditrak

Boditrak is a leading-edge sports technology company, focused on the interaction between an athlete and the ground. BodiTrak Sports is a sister company to Vista Medical, who developed the pressure-sensing technologies used in our products. Vista has been active in the pressure sensor production business since 1995.

Jean Paul Fernandez – Smart2Move

Smart2Move is a Swiss company specialized in wearable sensors technology for health and sport motion analysis. S2M develop solutions and devices to analyse, improve and optimize motion performance. Based on biomechanical knowledges, we propose wireless and easy to use system conceived to optimize your motion and analyse your swing.

Liam Mucklow

liam mucklowLiam joined the PGA of Canada in 2001, one year prior to graduating from the University of Alberta in 2002 with a Bachelor’s of Physical Education. At University Liam was on the varsity golf team, an All Star volleyball player and a medalist in badminton.

After spending nearly a decade with the World Long Drive Tour, California Mini Tours and various Professional Tours in Asia Liam dedicated his full focus to coaching. His innovative programming that combines student accountability and deliver quantifiable results have remain unique in the industry.

More recently Liam has refocused his energy on Education and Research. He has been working with the PGA of Canada to provide the highest level Golf Coaches in Canada with support on analyzing performance with technology. Liam also helped the Titleist Performance Institute launch its worldwide Power Coach Certification program in May of 2013. In 2014 Liam presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf in Australia, and the World Golf Fitness Summit in California. This year he has been confirmed for to host a 3 hour workshop at the WSCG in St Andrews, Scotland. Liam will be demonstrating his Speed Set Driver Fitting protocol. This process has been consistently delivering golfers of all levels and addition 4-7% total distance through equipment optimization.


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