The Truth About SINGLE LENGTH IRONS w/ David Edel

With so much hype about single length irons it’s hard to figure out what’s best for you the golfer and what might happen when you make the switch. That’s why we went right to the source… David Edel, founder of Edel Golf who just launched their new single length iron set.

The story of the Edel single length irons starts with David Edel’s work with a young Bryson DeChambeau. Bryson and his instructor at the time were having a hard time getting the weighting correct with the longer wedges in a single length set. David initially helped out with that until eventually creating the entire iron set for Bryson.

single length irons face onWhen you create a single length iron you run into a lot of issues: short clubs not going far enough, long clubs going to short, short clubs being to heavy when lengthened and so on.

David shares why he belives they’ve solved a lot of these problems single length iron producers have faced in the past by completely customizing not only the club head but shafts as well. Their partnership with Paderson golf shafts has allowed them to create graphite shafts that open up new possibilities for both the short and longer irons. David shares the tech behind the new shafts and why it actually works.

What club are you most comfortable with? Probably your 7 iron Let’s build a golf club around it.

Fitting is going to be key with single length as everything from length, weight, lie angle, bounce etc… needs to be crafted for each individual to make the transition process as smooth as possible. But as David shares, moving to a single length ironssingle length irons will take time to adjust to. You can’t expect to be comfortable from day one but stick with it and give yourself sufficient time to adjust and test.

4 common single length iron questions

  • How do single length clubs function with uneven lies?
  • How long does it take to adjust and transition to using single length irons?
  • How do wedges work with single irons?
  • What clubhead speeds will single length irons work for?

Interested in getting your own set? Find a good fitter here and start down your single length journey.

All the Details Straight from Edel:

HOLLOW BODY DESIGN Our hollow body design allows for a thinner, stronger face to deliver a longer, more forgiving iron design.

PROGRESSIVE FACE THICKNESS Our face inserts feature a varying face thickness throughout the set to maintain proper ball speeds for each specific iron; delivering optimal and consistent distance gapping.

PROGRESSIVE INTERNAL CAVITY We have done some impressive work under the hood of our Single Length System Irons. By progressively decreasing the size of our internal cavities as loft increases we can control the ball speeds; resulting in proper distance gapping throughout the set.

THERMOPLASTIC POLYMER INSERT Our hollow body iron is filled with a soft polymer material to provide improved feel, sound, and energy transfer. This also allows us to move the weight to the perimeter portions of the iron; increasing the size of the sweet spot.

5 STEP FORGING PROCESS Multiple step forging process allows for better grain structure in our carbon steel irons; providing superior feel.

CENTERED CG Through multiple design features we were able to locate the CG position in the center of the club face; improving shot dispersion and feel by maximizing head stability.

ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTING Adjustable weights allow for the ideal fitting process. Edel Certified Fitters can easily control the ideal weight to match the fitted length of the student. These weights allow for head weights ranging from 262 – 276 grams.

SHAFT SYSTEM DESIGNED FOR EDEL We have worked with the design team at Paderson Shafts to develop a shaft specifically for use with the Single Length System. This shaft counteracts the negative effect of playing all irons the same length with a traditional shaft. The new design allows higher launch and distance in low lofted irons transitioning to lower launch and distance in the higher lofted irons; all while maintaining the same weight and feel. This allows for a more linear ball flight throughout the set; allowing for proper distance gapping between clubs. Available in 3 weights, 4 flexes, and Short, Mid, and Long iron profiles.

IDEAL BOUNCE AND SOLE GRIND As the industry leader in bounce education and sole design we have developed an iron with the optimal sole width, bounce, and grind surface for Single Length System Irons.

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