The Importance of Posture in Putting

Insights from Blast Motion founder and expert instructor Mike Bentley on the importance of posture in putting and how it relates to the entire swing.

Thoughts from Mike Bentley of Blast Motion

Our athletes come into our lab and we spend a tremendous amount of time getting the strongest and best posture possible.

We’ve been working with Charley Hoffman for a while now, and worked really, really hard on his posture. He was having trouble with the putter head moving out of plane and the face plane of that putter was not in sync with his alignments.

We first looked at his feet and got the feet aligned with his ankles, ankles aligned with the knees, knees aligned with the pelvis, pelvis with the thorax, and that’s again what you’ll see here.

We shoot a camera down what we call the center balance line, which is the balls of the feet, they align with the tip of the knees, which aligns with the butt of the club, you’ll see how it aligns with the center of the elbows and the top of the spine.

We’re trying to align cervical vertebrae number seven where the length tension relationship and the muscular system is at its optimum, and the joint centers are aligned the best we possibly can.

So that’s more of a functional, or a pattern of what we say a postural stability position of strength with these athletes.

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