Human Skills x Technical Skills = Performance w/ Vision54

We start a 4 part series with Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson of Vision54 talking about how to BE A PLAYER. We kick off with a conversation about the human skills, what they are, what you need to know, and some ideas for you to better understand them.

Learn about the HUMAN SKILLS of the game and why they remain mostly untaught yet are some of the most important pieces of the puzzle in golf performance.

When you walk onto the golf course to play a round of golf you can’t change your fitness, equipment, or technique, but you can change your human skills. It’s the one thing you can work on and improve on the golf course.

Know someone who has “a lot of potential”? They might be lacking in some of the human skills and in this conversation we talk about what they need to work on and how it impacts their performance.

Make sure to hang around to the end of the show where we answer the question of the week and give you a handful of explorations to get an experience of what we talked about in the episode.


I’ve really enjoyed going through this book and can honestly say it’s something I’d hand to someone just starting the game and an experienced pro. The lessons and approach to improving your golf game through things like the human skills, performance states, and frameworks for improved thinking make it a timeless manual.

You’ll be guided through the research, stories of Lynn and Pia’s experiences working with PGA and LPGA players, and then given tons of great explorations to go through.

Be a Player: A Breakthrough Approach to Playing Better ON the Golf Course

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