What I Learned from a Vision54 Golf School

Recently I had the privilege to hang out during a VISION54 Essential Playing skills golf school and wanted to share some thoughts from the experience.

If you don’t know much about Vision54 it was founded Lynn Marriot & Pia Nilsson. They are both featured among Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers, ranked the #1 and #2 female instructors in America.

They focus on teaching the human skills… Or the parts of the game that not many other people talk about.

They look at golf holistically using the acronym PTMESS

Physical Technical Mental Emotional Social and Spirit of the Game.

There are so many aspects yet we spend most of golf improvement is focused on only one… technical. It’s just one piece of the puzzle and we need to spend more time on the other aspects.

Lynn and Pia really care about the research in learning and brain science and care about understanding if what they’re coaching is based on science. BUT… the crucial part to their coaching > > They make it easy to understand with drills and exercises so every golfer can apply it to themselves and get a really practical understanding.

They did it time and time again. So any level of player could get clarity on an idea and awareness of how it looked for them.

Coaching on the course.

Every day they took students out on the course to apply what they’d learned.

Every player has to transfer skills from the practice environment to the performance environment at some point. So why not do it with your coach.

Thank you for having me. So good to finally meet you all.
Lynn, Pia, Kristine, Tiffany, and Zach.

Such a great team. And look forward to spending more time with you all.

If you can’t make it down to Talking Stick Golf club check out their new online golf school MY GAME… You can learn everything they teach anywhere and at your own pace. I’ve been using it to dive deeper and make sure I understand everything they’re talking about.