Why Does SuperSpeed Golf Increase Clubhead Speed?

You’ve probably seen some in on SuperSpeed golf and curious how they’re helping people gain speed (hitting the ball farther) and why 350+ touring pros are using them including Phil Mickelson. Today we’re trying to figure out WHY it works and what changes are happening with Daisy-May Kenny.

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boditrak training

I caught up quickly with Daisy-May earlier this year and we filmed a quick video on SuperSpeed Golf so you can visualize some of these concepts below.

Interested in testing it out yourself? Pick up your set of SuperSpeed sticks here and use the coupon code golfsciencelab to get a discount.

I honestly believe that you do is reflected in the ground and can be changed from the ground up instead of up down.

Here’s what Daisy saw after taking players through the 8 week SuperSpeed training

One of the things that we’ve seen is an increase in center of pressure velocity, this is something you can measure using the Boditrak mat.

Imagine swinging to the top of your back swing, you load the pressure in that right side and then how quickly you can transfer it back to that lead leg. That center of pressure velocity change correlates to the club head speed and we see that improving after using SuperSpeed.

Also, the pressure trace seems to have smoothed out. Often higher handicap players have a very sporadic trace, its not going to be smooth like your better players. What we are seeing in 8 weeks of using SuperSpeed is that the pressure traces usually smooth out, indicating the transfer of energy is more efficient.

We have not seen any increases in force the reason being, SuperSpeed trains the brain instead of training force.

By training our brain to recollect with our muscle in a faster way, we are actually brain training the speed.

Here’s another great video showing the step drill on SuperSpeed and how the pressure is changing with Boditrak data.

Check out the full article here

About Daisy-May

In 2012 I came to America on a golf scholarship. Mainly because it was too cold in South London, but also because it was my goal since I was a kid. While playing golf (handicap +1), I also got my bachelor’s degree in exercise science, which led me to graduate school where I study my master’s degree.

I’ve always LOVED the physical aspect of golf, seeing the positive effects it had on my golf swing and mental stamina drove me to learning more about it. Since then I have performed multiple research studies on the biomechanics of the golf swing. In March 2017 I presented my research at the Olympic World Conference for the Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport. Followed up with the National Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference in July.

After becoming TPI Certified, I wanted to create a network that EVERYONE has access to ANYWHERE. I want to help people improve their swing through fixing their body! This passion is what drove me to start up Biomek Golf!

This Episode’s Sponsor

Boditrak Sports is a leading-edge sports technology company, focused on the interaction between an athlete and the ground. BodiTrak Sports is a sister company to Vista Medical, who developed the pressure-sensing technologies used in our products. Vista has been active in the pressure sensor production business since 1995. All of our products are (proudly) manufactured in Canada.

Their products give teachers, coaches and golfers the tools to visualize and better understand the golf swing, to make improvements and track success.

Make sure to check out their new certification program. A comprehensive education platform on an athlete’s interaction with the ground and golf performance, designed by the leading minds in the industry.

boditrak training