How to get BETTER FASTER w/ Corey Lundberg & Matt Wilson

We’re all trying to figure out how to accelerate the improvement process of golf.  Today we’re sitting down with two coaches, Corey Lundberg and Matt Wilson who share some of the most important concepts and strategies they’ve found while working with students and writing their new book Better Faster: The Modern Golfer’s Blueprint for Getting More from Less.

In our first episode with the guys we look at the 3 important concepts that are at the core of getting Better Faster and making a smarter plan.

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About Better Faster the Book

Better Faster is a choose your adventure book in the sense that it’s laid out to help you create a plan to help you optimize you’re training and ultimately get better faster.

Whether you have an hour a day or an hour a week, Better Faster will help you assess your own game and build a personalized improvement blueprint. You’ll know what to practice and when, and do it using the same cutting edge practice tasks used by major champions. You’ll never practice the same way again.

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About Corey Lundberg

corey lundberg - Better FasterCorey Lundberg is COO and High Performance Coach at Altus Performance in Dallas, where he has helped develop players who have competed at every level from the PGA Tour to recreational golf. He has been recognized on Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher and Best in State lists, and also as one of the 50 best youth teachers in America by U.S. Kids.

About Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson - Better FasterMatt Wilson is the Director of Next Generation Performance at Golf Canada, where he is responsible for preparing future players and coaches to compete at the national and international level. He has also been recognized as a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher and Top 50 youth instructor by U.S. Kids.

Lundberg and Wilson have presented their research around the world at seminars like the World Scientific Congress of Golf in Scotland.

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