Tom Lovelady: 2 Keys for Growth Every Golfer Needs to Know

We sit down to hear the keys to Tom’s growth and success along his journey. From junior golfer, playing at Alabama, and onto the PGA Tour we dissect the key factors that have helped him continually level up his play and skill.

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2 Key Aspects of Tom’s Development

When looking at good golfers we often talk about their technique, specific strategies, or physical traits. All of those things are important however we often skip of 2 key aspects of someones golfing upbringing and development that have a MAJOR impact on the end result.

Where and who you learn, practice, and play with has a huge impact on the level of skill you reach.

We were members at a local club in Birmingham and there was another guy that went to the same junior high school and was also a member

I didn’t really know any, anyone from the local high school area so growing up we would always just meet after school at the club and play golf.

I’d spend the night over there. We’d wake up and go play 36 Saturday morning or until we couldn’t play anymore.

It was great because I pushed him to really get into golf and wanting to be good, but at the same time as he got better and better, it pushed me to go out and improve so he didn’t beat me.

It was a great, friendly rivalry and, it was really fun to have somebody to essentially grow up playing golf with to keep you interested and to make you want to get better.


Tom played college golf at Alabama on a phenomenal team including tour pros Justin Thomas, Trey Mullinax, and Robbie Shelton. He talks about the importance of being on a team that pushed him to constantly improve and compete…

I didn’t play every event because I didn’t even qualify for every event. But I’m so glad that I went to a team that pushed me to get better instead of going into a team where I could’ve been the number one player.

I wanted to be around the best players and, and the best coaches and I was a fortunate enough to get that chance.

So I had to earn every spot. I had to grind out every, every qualifying round and every tournament round.

That really helped me go into Q school because that’s exactly what Q school is. It’s a grind to get status.

So it was great for me because I have, I’ve had to work for everything my whole life and I’ve never been given anything.

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