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How to Build a Practice Plan w/ Corey Lundberg & Matt Wilson

Today we answer a few questions from you all around building a practice plan for more effective growth in your …
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How to get BETTER FASTER w/ Corey Lundberg & Matt Wilson

We’re all trying to figure out how to accelerate the improvement process of golf.  Today we’re sitting down with two coaches, Corey …
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5 Essential Pre-Round Rituals to Set Up for Success

Getting yourself physically and mentally prepared for a round is one of those things you have complete control over. Having …
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Traits of Effective Golf Instructors w/ Dr Paul Schempp

Today we talk with coaching researcher and educator Dr Paul Schempp about the traits and actions of the best instructors …
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How Close are we to Someone Shooting 54? w/ Vision54

We all want to shoot lower scores but often that brings about it’s own unique set of emotions and challenges. …
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[ANALYSIS] The Junior Golfer and Parent Relationship w/ Stuart Morgan

We’re back with part 2 of our look at the junior golfer and parent relationship. This week we’re talking about …
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What’s the Best Mindset for Golf? w/ Vision54

Today we’re talking all about the mindsets (growth and fixed mindset) we can bring to the golf course during learning …
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The Junior Golfer and Parent Relationship w/ Stuart Morgan

The dynamics between parent and competitive junior golfer is an interesting one. We often hear about what’s going on from …
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Instead of Trying to be Consistent… Do this! w/ Vision54

We all face variability when we come to the golf course and want to play our best. Whether it’s changing …
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Why Your Swing Thoughts Impact Your Golf Swing w/ David Sherwood, Ph.D.

What does the research say about where you should think during the golf swing? That’s what we talk about today …
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Human Skills x Technical Skills = Performance w/ Vision54

We start a 4 part series with Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson of Vision54 talking about how to BE A …
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Biggest Misconceptions around Learning Exposed w/ Dr Anders Ericsson

Dr Anders Ericsson is one of the foundational researchers in the field of learning and joins us today to talking …
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Why Are Pressure Mats and Force Plates so Popular?

We’ve seen pressure mats and force plates take off over the last handful of years and become and essential tool …
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3 Types of Motion Capture Systems and Why You Should Use Them

Motion capture is a critical tool to get accurate data on what the body is doing in the golf swing …
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The Essentials of Launch Monitors

In this episode we’re looking at launch monitors; how they’re used, how the technology works, and what they’re role is …