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2 FREE Golf Science Lab Resources

We create a lot of content and great resources here at the Golf Science Lab. I wanted to quickly highlight …
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The Myth of “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”

We’ve all heard the phrase “perfect practice makes perfect” but what does the research say about learning? That’s what we’re …
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Do You Have a Plan for Your Golf Swing?

In our technique obsessed golf culture it’s hard to find training that helps you build real SKILLS.

Range Finder Reviews

We test out 3 different range finders and talk about the differences.
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What are Golf Instructors Being Taught?

Today we’re taking a look at what’s going inside the PGA Great Britain & Ireland as far as their coaching …
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The Myth of Learning Styles

In this awesome podcast we’re tackling a common learning myth with professor Richard Bailey and having a conversation about a …
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A Weekend at one of the BEST Jr Golf Camps in the Country

Join host Cordie Walker for a weekend at the Dewsweepers elite jr golf camp at the Clubs of Cordillera Ranch …
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Effective Ways to Train SPEED

Today we’re talking all about how to increase speed and how to hit the ball farther with two experts in …
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Mindsets to Improve Your Practice w/ Corey Lundberg and Matt Wilson

We all bring mindsets into our learning and practice. Today we’re going to talk about what mindsets and traits or …
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How to Build a Practice Plan w/ Corey Lundberg & Matt Wilson

Today we answer a few questions from you all around building a practice plan for more effective growth in your …
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How to get BETTER FASTER w/ Corey Lundberg & Matt Wilson

We’re all trying to figure out how to accelerate the improvement process of golf.  Today we’re sitting down with two coaches, Corey …
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5 Essential Pre-Round Rituals to Set Up for Success

Getting yourself physically and mentally prepared for a round is one of those things you have complete control over. Having …
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Traits of Effective Golf Instructors w/ Dr Paul Schempp

Today we talk with coaching researcher and educator Dr Paul Schempp about the traits and actions of the best instructors …
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How Close are we to Someone Shooting 54? w/ Vision54

We all want to shoot lower scores but often that brings about it’s own unique set of emotions and challenges. …
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[ANALYSIS] The Junior Golfer and Parent Relationship w/ Stuart Morgan

We’re back with part 2 of our look at the junior golfer and parent relationship. This week we’re talking about …