We chat with Tony Ruggiero and Dr Greg Cartin as we walk along during practice rounds at the 2019 3M Open in Minnesota. We answer a question from a podcast listener “What are interactions between coaches and players really like?”

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Some insights from Tony Ruggiero, top 100 instructor and host of the Tour Coach podcast.

I just don’t think you do a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of real work at a tournament.

I use the analogy of brushing your teeth.

I learned it from Jimmy Johnson who’s Justin Thomas caddy. I remember Jimmy saying that Nick Price used to always say brush your teeth. Just because you didn’t play well last week or you don’t hit it good in a practice round.

You’re a good player.

You don’t have to, you don’t have to reinvent or anything. You don’t have to change anything.

You brush your teeth, you clean up the details. So I always remind my guys, let’s pay attention to the ball position, pay attention to aim. You know, let’s clean up the details.

Below are a few quotes from Dr Greg Cartin talking about his work with players during tournament week. Learn more from Dr Cartin here.

My role here… I feel like it’s just to provide, a certain level of comfort. If players have questions or there’s things they wanted to discuss then I’m here or maybe we’ll recap things that happened last week or things that they’re looking forward to.

Never though is it some a time where I’m going to tell somebody what to do.

And so it’s sort of a fine line between sitting back and listening and then offering advice when I feel it’s necessary.

For the most part it’s just giving the player the ability or the, they know that I’m here to answer questions if they need it. That’s usually what happens.