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Elite Player Training Secrets – GSL TV

Join us at Frederica Golf Club as we get insights into elite golfer training and golf instruction with Tony Ruggerio. We look at some short game tips, golf lesson examples, and on course strategy.


SHORT GAME: Our guest and top 100 instructor, Tony Ruggiero shares a simple set up hack to get clean contact on every chip.

At set up simply roll your trail foot toward the target so your spikes are off the ground. This forces all your pressure onto your lead foot and ensures you’re able to make solid contact.

You’ll find the explanation at the 16:00 minute mark.

ON COURSE: Former tour agent, Mac Barnhardt talks about the importance of knowing your wedge distances.

If you find out the best yardage and dial in distances with your lob, sand, and gap wedge you can create more scoring opportunities.

How? Change your mindset. Set yourself up for your ideal yardages. Stop pushing your distance and bringing up risk when you know you have a great chance to make birdie with a wedge from a little farther out.

You’ll find Mac talking about this concept at 10:15 minute mark.

Go out and do some wedge gapping!

GOLF COURSE: Frederica Golf Club on St Simon Island, GA is an AMAZING spot. One of the nicest (if not THE nicest course) I’ve ever been to.

Frederica Golf Club – 10th hole
Frederica Golf Club
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