4 Step Process to Creating Highly Effective Performance Games

In this conversation we talk about Performance Games, how to create them, why to use them, and give you some examples you can take to the course.

The answer is; traditional practice just doesn’t offer up as easily the carefully designed pleasures, the thrilling challenges, and the powerful social bonding afforded by game environments. It doesn’t motivate us effectively. It doesn’t maximize our potential.

Training ‘Game Like’ fulfills our genuine human needs; it’s inspiring and can engage us in ways that the traditional training method does not. Games help bring us together and work towards a common goal as a team rather than against each other in solitary. Games will, if created using the following structure, create all of the above and can re-shape the golfing world.

“Expertise is defined as a sequence of mastered challenges with increased levels of difficulty in specific areas of functioning.”

Dr K. Anders Ericsson

To create an effective game you need to have these 4 components.

#1 – Name: Every game needs a name to be referenced by.

#2 – Goal: During golf we have a goal… shouldn’t we during practice?

#3 – Rules: Simple the better!  One of the components that takes the most work to perfect.

#4  – Scoring: Do you keep score during golf?  Let’s keep score during practice.
If we embrace what science tells us and evidence shows us, we can revolutionize the golfing world.  Lets open our minds and take what we can from the Xbox and PlayStation; their secrets lie in the structure of their games and with that structure we can take our youth outside and away from the TV screen.