Project Even Par

What would it take for you to shoot even par?

Project Even Par is an attempt to create a better learning environment that engages you in the process to improve your playing skills.

Want to join the project?  Click this link and download the Project Even Par PLAYBOOK. 


Why is this challenge worth doing?

Have a stated mission or goal when headed to the course.
Doesn’t have to be a score but give yourself something you’re working for.

Mindless repetition and routine doesn’t lead to good learning! Most of us get reactive when we practice. Hit a slice or a chunk and you spend the rest of your time attempting to correct something that isn’t going to help you build the skills you need.

Having a mission keeps us focused and working on tasks that lower scores and

Finding the sweet spot of your skill level and the difficulty of the challenge.
There’s a lot of research looking at the importance of difficulty and challenge, however if the task is far to difficult WE DON’T LEARN EFFECTIVELY.

If you want to maximize your learning you need to find the challenge point. You want a task that’s just a little outside your comfort level but not to easy or too difficult.

Playing from distances on the golf course is a way to change the difficulty. It shouldn’t be a mens, womens, and senior tees. Change the skill level of golf simply by where you tee off based on your skill level is just smart. You’re going to simply get better faster and then have the chance to move back in tee boxes when you’re ready for the challenge.