What is Opti International

Opti International is a performance optimization company and our goal is to help people be better than their best so a lot of times I think our intention is to be the best we can be and perform the best we can.

What we started with was actually the old electrodes from long ago when we were testing that proof of concept for the idea of synergy in the brain which came about 30 years of research then the Muse came along and the Muse is a very good portable easy system to use.

The Muse has four sensors on it, four locations and these four locations are excellent for differentiating performance in sport. So we were really excited about being able to use the Muse for Opti. It’s easy and you can just slip it on and go out on the golf course.

We wrote the apps that go with the Muse headband and our goal to write the training apps were so that we can train people by using music or videos to get into their good state of serenity or synergy. That one is called Opti Train and along the way we created Opti Brain which is an evaluation apps.

“What people really want is to exceed their best.” Dr. Debbie Crews

Opti Brain will simply go through and collect the data from the sensors and map them for you so you can see the patterns from the brain and different frequency bands and then it will also give you the numbers so you can compare it and see what’s going on. We do actually have a compare feature in Opti Brain which you can compare your best putts with the ones that weren’t so good.

You can compare your putting with your driving. You can compare different strategies that you might want to use in your brain and see how they look in terms of brain maps. And then, Opti Brain and Opti Train speak to each other so whatever you train in Opti Train you can bring over to the app in Opti Brain.