How tightly should you grip a club anyway?

Golf grip

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself if you’re gripping the club too tightly or maybe not tightly enough. This study from past GSL contributor Liam Mucklow has some great practical info! The Study: The Results: The data yielded two main findings: But the real insight came when examining individual golfers. The high handicap group had significantly […]

RESEARCH: Quiet Eye’s Direct Correlation to Better Putting

quiet eye putting

The way you use your eyes before, during, and after your putting stroke has a big impact on the results.  Expert putters have an increase in what the research calls “quiet eye”.  We have all the details and training plan so you can start utilizing this critical tactic. 

RESEARCH: Do your expectations impact your results?

quiet eye putting

In this installment of the GSL podcast, we’re going to take a deep dive into research as it pertains to golf and human behavior.  As you know, we’re firm believers in data, backed by science.  Our goal is to deliver it to you in a way that helps you better understand the game of golf […]

Visualization Hurting Golf Performance?

golf visualization

Recent studies have shown that visualizing right before we perform actually hurts performance. The studies found the most useful place to use visualization was away from completion.