Hands On Experience with GravityFit

Looking for some great tools to build better awareness of your body during the golf swing? Check out these three videos we shot with Jeremiah Hales to learn more about how the GravityFit golf training aids work.

You can learn more about GravityFit and pick up your own set here. I definitely recommend these!

Thanks so much for taking the time Jeremiah! Really enjoyed learning more about these tools and have enjoyed the training myself.

Definitely recommend these tools! And if you want to learn how another fitness professional is using them in his work with PGA tour pros listen to this podcast here with Nick Randall.

Get your own set here

In use by over 30 PGA Tour Pros, Trainers and Coaches, the GravityFit TPro works as both a tool to help build spinal and shoulder strength and stability… and as a fantastic swing aid, assisting with arm-body connection and timing.