Effective Ways to Train SPEED
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Effective Ways to Train SPEED

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Today we’re talking all about how to increase speed and how to hit the ball farther with two experts in this Kyle Shay and Mike Napoleon of Superspeed Golf.

We talk about the development and evolution of overspeed training and how to effectively train clubhead speed increases that LAST. Mike and Kyle walk through when the speed jumps happen using overspeed training and how much speed they’re seeing people gain on average.

OVERSPEED TRAINING Overspeed Training works by getting the body to move at a faster than normal speed during a known motor pattern. Essentially the brain has a set range of speed for the neuro-muscular response when a golfer makes a golf swing. We first need to increase the response speed from the body by reducing the “load” or in this case the weight of the club.

We then need to gradually increase this load to teach the brain that the body is capable of running the motor pattern faster. In our application to golf, we use a club that is about 20% lighter than a driver, one that is 10% lighter, and one that is 5% heavier in order to achieve maximum results from overspeed training.

Click the button below to learn about an Australian Tour Player who saw some massive gains using this type of training. See all the Boditrak and Trackman data on what happened with the training.


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About SuperSpeed Golf

Almost every golfer would love to hit the ball farther and be more consistent off the tee. By applying the time-tested and scientifically validated principles of Overspeed Training to golf instruction programs, our team at SuperSpeed Golf has developed a program that will help all golfers increase distance and consistency.

Our team at SuperSpeed Golf works with many of the best players in the world and amateurs of all skill levels. We offer many services including comprehensive on-going coaching services, personalized game assessment and program development, distance learning, corporate experiences, and many more customizable programs. We have also appeared for speaking opportunities at many conferences, seminars, and events.

Check out everything SuperSpeed has to offer.

About Mike Napoleon

Inspired by the belief that all golfers can achieve more enjoyment from the game by enhancing their performance, Michael is in constant search for the newest and best ways to help golfers improve.

SuperSpeed Golf has come into existence out of many years of coaching expertise and looking for simple ways to help golfers increase power in the golf swing. Michael continues to coach in the Chicago area and across the US with his team at Catalyst Golf Performance.

About Kyle Shay

Kyle Shay SuperspeedKyle grew up playing golf since a very early age. Inspired by his father’s passion for the game, he would tag along to the shag range to hit balls with him. This passion developed into playing competitive golf through college and then into a career of fitness and rehab coaching with an emphasis on golf specific conditioning.

Kyle currently runs the Catalyst Golf Performance Health and Fitness division along with running his own health coaching business. You will find Kyle all over the country running SuperSpeed demos, working with his professional players and answering the SuperSpeed calls and emails. He is happy to help with your quest for speed.

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