Podcast Review Giveaway

I was thinking of some interesting ways we could get the podcast out to more people and came up with a plan. But I need your help!

Getting reviews in Itunes helps more folks find the show.

I’ve been working on some Golf Science Lab shirts and posted them up in the Facebook group awhile back and they seemed to go over well.

So if you leave a review and shoot an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of your review, your address, and size we’ll pick 10 people to send a shirt to after we get 100 total reviews in Itunes.


#1 – Grab your phone hop on your computer.
#2 – Leave a honest review of what you think of the show here.
#3 – Snap a screenshot of it.
#4 – Send an email to [email protected] with you screenshot, address, and size.
#5 – Message a friend and tell them to do the same so we get to 100 reviews and we can send these out to the winners

Thank you so much for helping us out!