Eye opening putting info and stories about tour pros w/ David Orr and Tim Briand
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Eye opening putting info and stories about tour pros w/ David Orr and Tim Briand

We hear about how top players like Justin Rose and Suzanne Pettersen approach putting and putter fitting with legendary instructor, David Orr and fitting expert Tim Briand.

David shares a story from Suzanne Pettersen, and the insights that they found by putting Suzanne on a 3D capture system that allowed them to understand how the putter moves through the stroke.

After a long layoff, Suzanne actually improved her physical movements by using mental practice and rehearsal.

By rehearsing the movements that she practiced before her layoff, her stroke physically improved after her time off.

David explains some of the confusion in putting revolves around the question of if the putter moves in a straight line or in an arc. the answer however, is not that simple. As David explains, every putter moves and rotates in space, and there is no such thing as a straight back or a simple arc stroke. 

A very interesting story that David tells about Suzanne was involving her putter fitting. They went through the fitting and got the basics nailed down, length, loft, lie. 

Then they played around with certain other aspects including head shape and alignment aid. Suzanne actually aimed a putter with a dot much more accurately than a putter with a line. This shows that even at the top level of competitive golf, every golfer can benefit from a proper fit. The match up of head, hosel, shaft, and grip is all important in fitting the correct putter. 

David continues by telling a great story from his time with Justin Rose. David explains how Justin decided to start putting with the claw grip. Rose needed some help moving the putter on plane and with a little help from Adam Scott, Rose found a way to rotate the putter perfectly on plane through the stroke. 

They go on to tell the story of how Rose ended up on his well-known FlatCat grip, along with the new claw grip to help is stroke. 

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