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Launch Monitor Practice Secrets

Looking for better feedback to drastically improve your practice? Watch this.
scott stallings
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Scott Stallings: Interesting thoughts on practice and training for golfers

3 time PGA Tour Winner, Scott Stallings shares his story from junior golf to the PGA Tour as well as …
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Exactly how Golf Australia develops elite level junior golfers

We talk with two coaches involved in the Golf Australia high performance program and learn how they’re developing some of …
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Zack Sucher: Coming back from injury on the PGA Tour

How do you finish 2nd at the Travelers after not playing golf for 18+ months? We talk with Zack Sucher …
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Elite Player Training Secrets – GSL TV

Join us at Frederica Golf Club as we get insights into elite golfer training and golf instruction with Tony Ruggerio. …
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Live from the 3M Open: Player Coach Interaction

We chat with Tony Ruggiero and Dr Greg Cartin as we walk along during practice rounds at the 2019 3M …
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Research + Insights into Swing Thoughts w/ Dr Noel Rousseau

We sit down with golf coach and researcher, Noel Rousseau to talk about his study and approach to improving our …
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Keys to Effective Swing Thoughts

From 30 handicap to tour pro we all have swing thoughts while we swing the golf club. On this podcast …
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The reason I have LOW BACK PAIN (and you might as well)

Struggle with nagging low back pain during golf season? We’re sitting down with PT, Adam Halseth to talk about where …
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David Ogrin: How to play 500+ PGA Tour tournaments

How do you create a great environment for a junior golfer to grow and develop into a PGA Tour player? …
Brad Gehl

The Number 1 Mistake Every Golfer Makes (at least once)

This is one of those things that everyone one of us have done at some point… And it’s OK but …
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Willy Wilcox: Hooters Tour to the PGA Tour

Will Wilcox has spent 11 years as a pro and we hear what’s worked and what hasn’t along his journey. …

How to effectively make a Golf Swing Technique Change

In this coaching insight, Mark Blackburn talks about his approach towards getting buy in from students how to make swing …
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Practical Guide to Course Management (3 Day Training)

We’re joined by coach Will Robins as he walks us through core mindsets, concepts, and then homework to improve our …
club head speed
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111mph to 119mph club head speed in 3 golf swings w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

How can someone see a massive jump in club head speed in just 3 golf swings!?! We dive into a …