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Stop Making these 3 Common Myths of Course Management w/ Scott Fawcett

Scott Fawcett shares 3 course management and strategy myths far too many golfers believe. If you want a better strategy … 3867
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Golf Swing Analysis using Boditrak data w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

Listen in to this unedited conversation with Dr Sasho MacKenzie as he goes through a golf swing analysis of Boditrak … 746

The real reason CONSISTENCY keeps eluding your golf game w/ Jon Sherman

We’ve all heard it said (or said it ourselves) “I just need to work on getting more consistent“.   On this … 1945

Golf Mental Game: Self-talk

We all have a mental dialogue going on in our heads… And it might be HURTING your scores 👉👉 Without you even … 2306
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The alarming reason there’s a 95% chance your putter isn’t aimed where you want it w/ David Edel

We all like to think we’re aimed at the hole when we line up a put but are we?  Maybe … 2623

How to develop the MENTAL GAME of a tour pro

You’ve probably asked yourself how do I develop the mental game that the tour pros have? 1100
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You Should Never Believe these GOLF MENTAL GAME MYTHS w/ Dr Bhrett McCabe

The mental game in golf is full of misguided and incorrect “mental game myths”. Today’s guest Dr Bhrett McCabe, shares … 2650

What does a PGA Tour Sport Psychologist do? w/ Dr Bhrett McCabe

We stop by the Mindside HQ where we spend a couple hours with Dr Bhrett McCabe and learn about what … 471
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[VIDEO EPISODE] Discovering how to use the GROUND in the golf swing FULL EPISODE Mark Blackburn & Dr Sasho MacKenzie

Spend the weekend in Birmingham, AL with me as we hang out with golf biomechanics researcher Dr Sasho MacKenzie, top … 1066
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3 Common Golf Stats Myths that HURT your scores w/ Mark Broadie

We sit down with the creator of the Strokes Gained concept, Mark Broadie to talk about golf stats myths and … 6964
Lamkin Golf Grip
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Talking Golf Grips w/ Bob Lamkin

There’s a lot of options and variability with grips, and today we sit down with Bob Lamkin of Lamkin golf … 9103

Get a plan to Fix Your Slice (recommended training)

You have a slice…  You don’t need another tip or concept you need a PLAN.   That’s why we recommend working … 3726
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Preview of the World Scientific Congress of Golf

The 2018 World Scientific Congress of Golf is coming up in July and in this podcast we’re going to talk … 892
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[VIDEO EPISODE] How the Best Golf Instructors Teach w/ Tony Ruggiero

Join us on this video episode as we learn from top 100 instructor Tony Ruggiero, biomechanist Dr Scott Lynn, and … 724
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Should you TRY to hit it farther? or TRY to hit it straighter?

We’ve all stood up on the tee-box of a hole with a tree lined fairway and tried to just hit … 3550