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Guide to Opti International and How to Train Your Brain

Complete series of interviews and live lesson with Dr Debbie Crews (researcher and founder of Opti) talking about Opti International … 1775
golf performance games
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

4 Step Process to Creating Highly Effective Performance Games

In this conversation we talk about Performance Games, how to create them, why to use them, and give you some … 1764
golf shafts
Season 3

Everything You Need to Know About Golf Shafts

In this episode of the Golf Science Lab we dive into everything golf shafts, so you can make a better … 7213
mindfulness in golf
Brain, Podcast, Season 2

How Mindfulness Could Help Your Golf Game with Dr Joseph Parent

We’re looking at mindfulness, awareness, and changing habits with Dr Joseph Parent who combines eastern wisdom and western psychology in … 2925
golf visualization

Visualization Hurting Golf Performance?

Recent studies have shown that visualizing right before we perform actually hurts performance. The studies found the most useful place … 1319

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