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Motor Learning

What Your Golf Instructor Won’t Tell You and How it Can Save You Shots

When you walk away from a golf lesson you probably want to feel like you’re “better”. That’s the point after … 1503
Brain, Motor Learning

What We Can Learn From Mental Analytics (a real life case study)

The Biirdie Golf team recently completed its first tournament level mental game analytics experiment at a junior golf tournament and … 1617
Golf Driver Heads
Club Tech, Podcast, Season 3

Driver Engineers from PING + TAYLORMADE Explain What Factors Actually Matter

We sat down with two leading driver designers to explain what’s going on “under the hood” and explain some of … 2037
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

How Good Golfers Get Good with Graeme McDowall & Peter Arnott

How do we explain great players? And what can we discover when we ask questions like, “how do PGA tour players … 2646
Motor Learning

Learning From “WHAT IF” Instruction

What if it was understood that between all the words and actions used during instruction and training there are conditions … 759

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