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Golf Driver Heads
Club Tech, Podcast, Season 3

Driver Engineers from PING + TAYLORMADE Explain What Factors Actually Matter

We sat down with two leading driver designers to explain what’s going on “under the hood” and explain some of … 1903
junior golfer
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

How to Help JR Golfers Manage Skill Regression w/ Stuart Morgan

We have an expert in player development with us in this episode, Stuart Morgan.  He manages one of the largest … 2063
Brain, Podcast, Season 2

The Difference Between Winning and Losing with Jon Stabler & Dr. Deborah Graham

We’re going to take a look at personality traits and see what we can learn by seeing what separates the … 2684
trillium rose golf instruction
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

How Types of Feedback Influence Learning w/ Trillium Rose

We’ll talk extensively on, and around the subject of feedback. Feedback has been known for years however it has been … 1614
Motor Learning, Podcast, Season 1

Performance and Learning with Dr Robert Bjork and Adam Young

Today’s episode is all about learning and performance in golf and how this understanding should affect the way you practice … 3210

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