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Why Does SuperSpeed Golf Increase Clubhead Speed?

You’ve probably seen some in on SuperSpeed golf and curious how they’re helping people gain speed (hitting the ball farther) … 13439
Podcast, Swing

Key Indicator For Increased Clubhead Speed w/ Dr Sasho MacKenzie

In this podcast we learn about a key indicator for increased club head speed involving ground reaction forces in the … 8974
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How A Better Pre-Shot Routine Can Lower Your Scores (and win you more money)

Looking for some cold hard facts and data to prove that a better pre-shot routine can lower your scores and … 5016
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The Real Reason You Don’t Want to be a Golf Swing Robot

One of the highlights of the 2016 World Scientific Congress of Golf last year was Gene Parente. Gene has a … 1014

How a BIOMECHANIST breaks down the golf swing

Learn from the guys at Penn State, Dr Mike Duffey and Eric Handley as they share a quick example of … 1879
Great example kinematic sequence

How to Apply the Kinematic Sequence

Don Parsons shares how he uses the Kinematic Sequence in golf lessons with students. It’s not about a one size … 3190
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Making sense of VARIABILITY in the golf swing (with Matt Kuchar)

Dr Scott Lynn gives a practical explanation of how variable effective golf swings can be while looking at Matt Kuchar’s … 2719

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Interesting people + topics in a unique entertaining highly produced style to help you understand what it takes to play your best golf.  Join host Cordie Walker for this audio documentary style podcast diving into all things golf.

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