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specificity of learning
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

Specificity of Learning Might Explain Why You’re Not Improving w/ Dr Tim Lee

Learn from one of the “forefathers” of golf motor learning research, Dr Tim Lee as we talk about specificity of … 1965
Golf Driver Heads
Podcast, Season 3

Driver Engineers from PING + TAYLORMADE Explain What Factors Actually Matter

We sat down with two leading driver designers to explain what’s going on “under the hood” and explain some of … 1794
Brain, Motor Learning

How to Deal with Nerves on the Golf Course

Dealing with nerves during pressure situations is something most golfers have to learn to deal with. So what are the … 1125
Brain, Motor Learning

What We Can Learn From Mental Analytics (a real life case study)

The Biirdie Golf team recently completed its first tournament level mental game analytics experiment at a junior golf tournament and … 1499
Brain, Podcast

Make More Putts by Using a Pre-shot Routine Including Quiet Eye

Learn how your eyes influence your body and specifically putting. We’ll walk through what you should be doing with your … 7438

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