phases of participation
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

How to Maximize Your Training by Understanding the 3 Phases of Participation Every Golfer Goes Through

In this episode we talk about the phases of participation every golfer goes through when they get into the game … 1056
golf range
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

Why Your Practice Doesn’t Transfer to the Golf Course w/ John Kessel

John Kessel is the director of sport development for USA Volleyball and joins us today to talk about the importance … 3250
jungle tiger
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

The Critical Missing Component in Most Practice Sessions w/ Trevor Ragan

Our guest today is Trevor Ragan from Trevor explains his “jungle tiger” analogy and walks us through his four-step … 1393
Game Like Training, Motor Learning

Welcome to Game Like Training Radio

Welcome to the first episode of our new Golf Science Lab powered podcast Game Like Training Radio. Hosts Matthew Cooke … 822
golf books on learning
Motor Learning, Resources

Recommended Books on LEARNING from Past Contributors

We went back through our past contributors and pulled together everyone’s books in one place so you can pick up … 1220

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