Tour Agent Shares KEY STRATEGIES from Most Successful Players w/ Mac Barnhardt

Learn from longtime agent and performance coach, Mac Barnhardt as we talk about his experiences working with the best tour players in the world like Davis Love III, Harris English, Brian Harmon, and more.

Players with incredible careers lose far more times than they win. Guys that are playing well they start to realize through the process that it’s just a shot at a time. 

It sounds so cliche but it’s just a shot at a time. 

If the ball hits something and goes in the water or hits something and goes on the green… it’s just a shot and it needs to have the same emotional value no matter what happens. 

When guys are making a lot of birdies… the really good ones you can tell they’re just kind of business like.  That’s what you always look for when watching players in college and on the mini tours. 

Everybody spends so much time on the range hitting balls, practicing their technique, putting, wedges etc… 

They don’t realize they have to practice how to emotionally handle golf.

Players that have a long career have a high amount of emotional stability.  

You can’t react after every shot.  It’s a round golf ball on an uneven surface and sometimes the breaks will go your way and sometimes they won’t

Talent – Distractions = Performance

Mac Barnhardt

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