Productivity & Nutrition

Productivity and Nutrition

We’ll talk about how to be more productive so you can get more done during your day. Techniques and systems to use to keep structure and everything you need to be moving forward.

Get a calendar and make sure you have all of your students and/or employees scheduled out. Make sure to stay organized so you know where each one is at most of the time. Whether they should be practicing for a big tournament or are in their off season.

If you have a lot of students its important to make sure you know where each one is at so they aren’t getting half of what they should be and are getting the right coaching at the right time.

Take 10 mins out first thing in the morning for yourself – whether you are exercising, writing or just drinking a cup of coffee. Take that time to just think about what it is you want and need to accomplish TODAY.

Then make a list one item at a time of everything that you need to accomplish so you can reference it throughout your busy day.


It’s great to impart your own diet on others when – you are eating clean and giving your family that same good nutrition of vegetables, protein (not fried fish sticks or chicken fingers every night for dinner)

You can not let your family dictate your diet. Kids do not have the same knowledge that adults do about their diet and what is best for them and their health.

Don’t take things too far by throwing everything away all at once just because you have decided to choose an extreme diet for the week.