Improve Your Ball Striking with Mike Malaska

better ball striking week 2

Improve Your Ball Striking with Mike Malaska (Week 2) In this week’s installment of our series about helping you become a better ball striker, we have the opportunity to sit down with Mike Malaska. For those of you that don’t know, Mike played on the PGA Tour and has since become one of the game’s most […]

5 Essential Pre-Round Rituals to Set Up for Success

putting practice

Getting yourself physically and mentally prepared for a round is one of those things you have complete control over. Having been coaching golfers for many years now, I’ve seen first hand the relationship between how a player approaches their pre-round time and how they ultimately perform.

How to Deal with Nerves on the Golf Course

Dealing with nerves during pressure situations is something most golfers have to learn to deal with. So what are the best strategies to give yourself better opportunities to perform under pressure?

Recommended Books on PERFORMANCE from Past Contributors

golf books on performance

Looking for some books on the mental side of golf to help with your performance on the golf course? We went back through our season 2 guests and Unlocking Performance Masterclass and compiled a list of useful resources for you.

Performance and Learning with Dr Robert Bjork and Adam Young

Today’s episode is all about learning and performance in golf and how this understanding should affect the way you practice and learn golf. Our two guests are Distinguished Research Professor Dr. Robert Bjork, and Adam Young, golf coach and author of The Practice Manual. We’re answering questions like “Do we trick ourselves into thinking we’re […]