Cardio & Weight Loss Tips

Cardio & Weight Loss Tips

A Golf Professional wants to know how to make cardio fun – but the question you need to ask yourself though is WHY do you want to do cardio?

Truly doing cardio for your overall health – heart and lung health. Get off the treadmill. Go run or walk outside with fresh air. Recharge your own solar panel with Vitamin D.

Hight Intensity Interval Training – taking your heart rate up to an 8 out of 10. A skipping rope will do the trick – try doing as many as you can in 30 secs. Then do that again the next day and you will culmatively start strengthening your heart.

Heart is still elevated, metabolism is up and continuing to burn fat as a fuel for hours to come.

Fun ways to exercise: Agility drills, work on your foot work, working on your speed will make you a great athlete.

Weight Loss Goals

Number one motivator for weight loss is throwing the scale out the window – it will hold you back from getting the results you are looking for.

Jason gives some examples of how to lose that extra 30 lbs you may be holding around your stomach.

Firstly eating better, exercising as well as rest and recovery are the 3 things to remember when it comes to losing weight loss.

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Eating REAL whole foods without preservatives is the place to start. Exercise everyday early in the morning so you already know that your activity is done for the day by mid-morning and you can focus on everything else.