The Truth About SINGLE LENGTH IRONS w/ David Edel

With so much hype about single length irons it’s hard to figure out what’s best for you the golfer and what might happen when you make the switch. That’s why we went right to the source… David Edel, founder of Edel Golf who just launched their new single length iron set.

Should you SST PURE your clubs?

SST Pure

Learn some of the benefits of taking your clubs through the SST PURE process and exactly how it works with club fitter Scott Gourlay in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Most Undervalued Factor in Wedges (and what to do about it)

Are your wedges hurting or helping you? Today we’re diving into everything you need to know about wedges, from design to features and how it will impact your game. In this episode you’ll hear stories of players going from horrible wedges players to fantastic and the technical reasons that might be holding your wedge game […]

Everything You Need to Know About Golf Shafts

golf shafts

In this episode of the Golf Science Lab we dive into everything golf shafts, so you can make a better educated decision the next time you’re purchasing a new club and it comes time to select a shaft.