How a Tour Pro works out (case studies)

It’s always good to hear what the best in the world are doing when it comes to certain aspects of their game. That’s why it’s fantastic to sit down with Nick Randall to learn his process and hear examples of the training he’s doing with players like Jonas Blixt and Cameron Smith on their golf […]

Cardio & Weight Loss Tips

Cardio & Weight Loss Tips

A Golf Professional wants to know how to make cardio fun – but the question you need to ask yourself though is WHY do you want to do cardio? Truly doing cardio for your overall health – heart and lung health. Get off the treadmill. Go run or walk outside with fresh air. Recharge your […]

Weight Training For Rotational Athletes

Learn how to train a rotational athlete (golfers) to have more speed more strength and more power. Front Squats: Will force your body to stay upright and not strain your spine at the end of your set. Every athlete needs a layer of foundation Fix your athlete’s limitation first whether its a mobility or stability […]

Early Specialization & Plyometrics


We’ll talk about creating better youth development structures and what you need to know about plyometrics in this episode of Yo Jay. QUESTION #1 – With the “Win Now” culture that parents and coaches have created. What is your approach to educate parents, youth and coaches that hurrying up the process, specialize too early, and […]