The Practical Application of Biomechanics

application biomechanics

We’ve learned a lot about biomechanics and gone through a lot of important concepts and ideas, but what now? How is this info applied and what do we do about it? That’s what we talk about in this podcast.

What makes a good putter good? w/ Dr Rob Neal

good putting

We’ve all heard a lot of tips and tricks about putting, but what actually makes a good putter good. Today we talk with leading biomechanist Dr Rob Neal as he shares his research and experience working with the best players and putting coaches in the world.

What the Research Says about X-FACTOR w/ Dr Phil Cheetham

x-factor and x-factor stretch

In today’s episode we’re taking a look at the research around X-Factor and X-Factor Stretch done by our guest Dr Phil Cheetham.  X-Factor, first popularized in the 90’s by Golf Magazine and Jim McLean, was the focus of some of Dr Cheetham’s research in kinematics.  Today we learn –  Is it relevant?  Does it hold up […]

Understanding the Kinematic Sequence w/ Dr Phil Cheetham

In this episode you’ll learn about one of the most commonly referred to measurements of the golf swing, the kinematic sequence. Learn from Dr Phil Cheetham, leader in the industry of 3D analysis and kinematics as he explains what it measures, what it means, how it relates to performance, and the story of the development.

Getting Started with Biomechanics and the Golf Swing

golf swing

Over this series we’re looking to explain what biomechanics is and make it as understandable as possible while we explore the golf swing and research going on around it. So you get a fundamental understanding of the golf swing from a correctly researched and sourced biomechanical perspective.