Why Your Swing Thoughts Impact Your Golf Swing w/ David Sherwood, Ph.D.

What does the research say about where you should think during the golf swing? That’s what we talk about today with guest and researcher David Sherwood.

David has spent a lot of time working on research around focus of attention… Should you think about your arm, the club, the target? That’s what we talk about in relation to learning and performance today.

Under stress or pressure we often revert back to earlier movement patterns and techniques that we’ve used in the past.

We dive into some of David’s current research on focus of attention in relation to dart throwing. We dive into what they’re looking at in regards to muscle activity depending on where performers are focusing and it’s impact on performance. We learn what they seeing with fluidity of movement + coordination and corresponding results with different focuses.

We dive into some of the common questions we’ve heard about focus of attention and hopefully bring some clarity to a topic you might

Fascinating look and insights on focus of attention you haven’t heard many other places!

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About David E. Sherwood, Ph.D.

david sherwoodDr. Sherwood is an Associate Professor in the Department of Integrative Physiology. He received his Ph.D. in kinesiology from the University of Southern California in 1983. After appointments at the University of Maryland and Texas Woman’s University he joined the faculty at the University of Colorado in 1985.

He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1992. His research interests focus on the acquisition and control of voluntary movement in humans utilizing electromyographical and kinematic analysis techniques, as well as the development of error detection mechanisms in adults and children.