Scott Stallings: Interesting thoughts on practice and training for golfers

3 time PGA Tour Winner, Scott Stallings shares his story from junior golf to the PGA Tour as well as his thoughts on practice and more effective training.

Scott Stallings has had a solid career from college, to mini tour, to the Korn Ferry Tour, and now on the PGA tour. Scott shares some of the pivotal moments like choosing golf over baseball (which he was better at) and the role of instruction in his development.

He also sheds light on the practice habits and training that he believes makes the biggest difference in lowering scores.

Play golf as much as you possibly can and figure it out.

Figure out how to dig it out of the dirt.

Figure out how to put yourself in situations and then get out of them.

What would you recommend to your son or any aspiring golfer?

Tele them to work on fundamentals and start from the green back, ultimately give him as many opportunities as I possibly can to play.

You see so many people make mistake of searching for the perfect swing. Go up and down any PGA Tour range… There’s not many with perfect swings.

There’s a lot of funky looking actions, but they know how to get it done. There’s more than one way to do it. And come out here day in, day out with purpose and a plan.

What habits and routines are critical every week your out at a PGA tour tournament?

The basic fundamentals.

The best tour in the world with the best players in the world and every single one of us is trying to get better at the basic stuff like set up and alignment… all the things you learn at your first golf lesson.

We’re just a little bit better at than most. I mean, that’s truly the way to look at it.

Putting inside eight feet, that’s something that everybody needs to be good at and you’re dealing with the best of the best. So your margins are very small, and small improvements across a broad area, make the overall gain.