Preview of the World Scientific Congress of Golf

The 2018 World Scientific Congress of Golf is coming up in July and in this podcast we’re going to talk a little about it and hear from a few of the keynotes.

This WSCG brings together the leading minds in golf research to share their latest work as well as expose those findings to golf instructors and coaches in attendance.

It’s a fantastic chance to collaborate and hear what the best in the world have been working on the past two years.

Learn more and register here

Keynotes we heard from and links to episodes they’ve been featured on:

Dr Mark Guadagnoli
Dr Sasho MacKenzie
Will Robins


Golf instructor looking to stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the world of getting golfers better?

Although you might not hear about it frequently there’s great golf research going on all the time, explaining everything from the brain to the golf swing.
This research often looks at the best practices we often assume are true and some times confirms them and sometimes debunks common myths.
The WSCG is a unique opportunity for golf instructors to grow their knowledge and stay up to date with the best practices and latest insights.