[new study] Why pro golfers DO NOT make it on tour
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[new study] Why pro golfers DO NOT make it on tour

Learn about the data and insights from a recent study looking at the careers of professional golfers who did not make it on the European Tour. Fascinating insights into how they developed skill and what potentially separated them from reaching their goals.

The study looked at 7 former tour pros entire golf career. From youth to dropping out of professional golf.

The players Mark interviewed for the study fell into these categories:

– Late 20s early 30s.

– National winners. They had won national titles in England.

– 5/7 played on national team.

– Played on Euro Pro or Challenge Tour.

– 3/7 qualified and played in The Open.

– None of them had played well enough to get a European Tour card.

– Mark interviewed them 2-3 years after they had stopped full time.

– Average time they were on tour was 6 years.

– Average age turning pro was 21

– Average age stopping was 28.

About Mark Pilling

I started playing golf in 1996 aged 13 at Astbury Golf Club in Cheshire. Within a couple of years I knew golf was to be my future. The satisfying feeling that we all know and love following a good round of golf was and still is my driving factor in the game. I believed that to become better than everyone else I had to work harder than everyone else. During my playing and coaching career I have learnt many things but the one I believe to be the key to success is to work SMARTER not HARDER.

In 2002 after winning the British Boys Championship, The Faldo Junior Series and Cheshire Strokeplay Championship, I represented GB & I Boys in a victorious Jacques Legise Trophy side and participated in the England Men’s B Squad. In 2004 I turned professional to compete on the PGA Euro Pro Tour. Following four years of full time competing I decided my heart was in helping others achieve their golfing potential. After coming second in the Titleist PGA Assistant of the Year in 2009 and 2010, I have now opened the Mark Pilling Golf Academy at Prestbury Golf Club.

The lessons I learned whilst competing taught me a technically sound golf swing is just one one part of achieving your potential. At the Mark Pilling Golf Academy you will experience a holistic approach to your development, encompassing all aspects of golf from technical and mental, right through to nutrition.

It is my belief that we can all reach our potential through simple, effective and innovative coaching and it’s my role to help you achieve it!!

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