What You Need to Know About the Golf Swing Virtual Summit

We have another incredible virtual summit coming up. This time we’re talking about the golf swing and looking at what the very best instructors are teaching and why.


The Golf Science Lab virtual summit series is an elite gathering of presenters and attendees who are truly searching for the truth about golf and golf improvement.

It’s the practical application of research so you can learn how you can actually improve what you’re doing. It’s not theoretical. It’s real life.

Coaches say this is not only some of the best content they hear during educational seminars but also the most affordable.

Golfers have talked about improvement in a matter of weeks that has revolutionized how they play and practice golf.

In this virtual summit we’re looking at the golf swing, looking at what the best are teaching and why. From the mindsets and frameworks they use for improvement to the specific body movements and changes they see students needing to make, we’ll get live examples and case studies for you to get a better understanding.

Previews from the Golf Swing Summit

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